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Dear Pat,

I feel so fortunate to know someone who is so kind and caring. I could never thank you enough for all you did for me and my family when I was ill. You nurtured my sons and treated them like they were your own. I felt like an angel came into my life. I love and trust you and will always appreciate the person that you are!

Faith and Rich Gluck, Morganville, N.J


Suffolk Independent Living Organization (SILO) was privileged to have the Reverend Patty Furino work with us in 2015.

Reverend Furino has many exemplary attributes which include confidence, loyalty and integrity. She was committed and dedicated to the SILO mission and independent living philosophy. She continually displayed a positive attitude and strong work ethic. She involved her herself in all facets of our operation most notable the Disaster Management Initiative. We were truly impressed with the effort made by the Rev. Furino to work in collaboration with Suffolk County office of Emergency Management regarding preparing people with disabilities for a disaster emergency in Suffolk County.

Reverend Furino’s energy is contagious and inspiring. I hope that she will continue to partner with SILO for the betterment of the 300,000 disabled individuals in Suffolk County!

Joseph M. Delgado
Executive Director, Suffolk Independent Living Organization