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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT Learning To Live Again…A Day At A Time

Anyone touched by traumatic brain injury would benefit from reading this book. It is an inside look into the lives of a couple suddenly forced to refigure their lives around the changes that brain injury brings. The perspective of the book is from the survivor contrasted with the care giver as they move along the recovery road. As the mother of an adult son who has been living with a brain injury for 29 years, I recommend it.  
- Anne Johnson, United States


Great reading! As a physical therapist for 25 years I have helped many patients through their recovery process. Learning To Live Again…A Day at a Time,  has allowed me to gain a much more intimate understanding of a patient's journey in "learning to live again". All health care providers would benefit from connecting with the physical, spiritual, and emotional phases of recovery as told by Chris and Amy. I recommend this book as required reading in all medical school programs or as a prerequisite for admission. The romantic at heart would also enjoy the love and dedication that Chris and Amy have for each other. What an inspiration! Thanks to them both for sharing with us!
- Patty Stone, Physical Therapist, Arizona________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is it possible to embrace life after a tragedy befalls you or your loved ones?  Chris and Amy do just that.  Reading their book, Learning To Live Again…A Day at a Time, shows us the possibilities that are open to all of us.  They both articulate in detail the pain they share when Chris suffers a serious injury and Amy becomes his caregiver.  We see how recovery is a dance – not a straight line.  Knowing about the depths of their pain makes their path to acceptance all the more miraculous.  They are ordinary people who embark on an unsought journey to wholeness, and they share what happens, and that gives us hope for our own challenges in life, whatever they may be.
- Liz Boenig, College Station, Texas ________________________________________________________________________________________________

I have read many books on head injury, and I must say that Learning To Live Again… A Day at a Time, s was one of the best! I loved the tandem narration and you made me feel like I was there with you in your recovery. Things weren't sugar coated nor were they all "doom and gloom." It was a perfectly balanced book that I would recommend to anyone.
- Lynne Greenspan, Pilot Club International - East Valley Pilot Club President, Mesa, AZ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for sharing your story with others, who I know will gain understanding of what TBI survivors and caregivers are faced with. Reading it helped me to put some things back in perspective, even after living a similar story with Bruce, who suffered TBI 6 years ago.
Learning To Live Again…A Day at a Time, gives insight to people who have never known someone with or personally experienced TBI. The story of your journey from the original shock, denial, confusion, fear, anger, frustration and eventual acceptance is very uplifting and brings hope that life can still have meaning and purpose. Your message is straight forward and touches the heart.
- Barbara Cuellar, Arizona ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chris and Amy, reading your book, Learning To Live Again… A Day at a Time, has been a real eye-opening experience for me. Chris – Thanks to your efforts to record your inner thoughts and all that you had to go through in dealing with this serious injury all but put me inside what a brain injury is really like from the inside. I gained an even greater appreciation for the immense and painful transition from a very healthy life to one you can’t even imagine without going through the whole change to a radically different life. Amy – You input was so important as well. That you have helped Chris gain so much is to be commended. I am quite sure your methods are of great use to those families undergoing a brain injury event.  This book was a real “page turner,” keeping me captivated all the way through. As I read it I couldn’t help but think about how brain injury can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone and how their world gets turned upside down. You turned this loss (your career, dreams and plans) into a whole new life that in many ways reflects some of your dreams prior to your injury. Thank you for sharing your life with others!
- Alayna Schaffer, Littleton, CO, Pilot Club International ________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a very honest, self-exploring, moving memoir of how an injury can change one’s life forever in an instant. It tells an incredible story of the strength it takes to learn to live again after having a life altering brain injury from 2 perspectives, as it is not only told in the first person but also from his wife's point of view & how her life was also forever changed.  Told in their own words you can feel each emotion pour off the page into your heart, giving hope and inspiration to all who would read this. It shows how love, support, determination & strength can improve the quality of life, overcoming obstacles along the way. Learning To Live Again…A Day at a Time,  could benefit brain injury survivors and their families/care takers, as well as anyone who has ever had a life changing accident or illness which resulted in a major difference in quality of life.
- Jeannine Scollo, New Hampshire ________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Learning To Live Again…A Day at a Time” is a heartbreaking but necessary read for those facing unexpected life-changing challenges. In a very powerful, personal style, Chris and Amy Hotaling demonstrate the depth of their expertise and empathy for adults with a Traumatic Brain Injury, (TBI). In their book, the Hotaling’s skillfully guide the reader first hand through the life-transforming processes they experienced on a daily basis. It is written passionately and tells the brutally honest truth of the life on the road back from a TBI, from the viewpoint of both the Survivor and their Caregiver. This book is gripping with details of the long struggle back for both Chris and Amy. Through his years of experience counseling and coaching others, Chris Hotaling had seen first-hand how people can change their lives when facing adversity. “Learning To Live Again…A Day At A Time” demonstrates the powerful motivation of self-coaching and the difference it can make for those with a TBI, as well as their Caregivers. This is an unparalleled book for dealing with the aftermath of a TBI and tools for climbing back out from those dim places along the way.

This splendidly engaging account asks the reader what “inner strengths” can be relied upon when faced with a life-altering accident. The writing style not only lays bare the daily obstacles of a TBI, but celebrates the small daily victories that so many others might take for granted. The Hotaling’s book gives you tools to not only restore your life, but also to transform it to a newer, higher plane. Without question, this is a must-have read for both Survivors and Caregivers of those with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  As a Survivor of a TBI myself, I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down.
- Dr. James Pallas, Glendale, Arizona________________________________________________________________________________________________

It was amazing to see how Chris's recovery unfolded each step of the way. Learning To Live Again... A Day At A Time gave tremendous insight into Chris and Amy's thoughts and feelings; It was very honest and revealing. It would be comforting and inspiring for anyone who is going through a similar life changing event to see what they have gone through and where they are now! Thanks so much for sharing your story! -Donna Shipman, Glendale AZ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Chris and Amy, Thank you so much for sharing your experience in this special book -Learning to Live Again… a Day at a Time. I imagine it was a huge effort to put the book together, but I am so grateful you did it! I identified very much with the emotions you describe in the book. I marked some sections that were particularly moving for me, and I will certainly come back to them. I have just crossed the one year mark, and I am blessed with an amazing partner that takes care of me. He is my main motivation to move forward! - Maria Florencia, London, United Kingdom


I want to congratulate Dave and Mrs. Findlay on a job well done! Mourning Discoveries “During the Holidays” is truly an awesome resource not only for individuals that are going though the grieving process, but also for the individuals that don't know how to relate to individuals that are in sorrow. It was an easy read, and the fun facts, quotes, and activities that you have added are very fun and helpful, yet are a great addition to the book.
- Jasmina Ibrahima, Utica, New York"________________________________________________________________________________________________

"I’ve already gotten my two holiday books, one for me and one for a friend. I love it! The very first pages of the introduction resounded with me and my grief journey, five years out. Reading the book is kind of like having a discussion and hearing about all different types of grief experiences. It certainly validates my own experiences. I already feel better about dealing with the upcoming holidays. Great job on the book, Dave and Linda!"  
- Liz Boenig, Texas