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“Chris and Amy, several students from my course were deeply affected by your presentation, and it remained a topic of discussion throughout the rest of the semester.  In addition to the informative discussion, they were taken by the myriad factors that challenged your relationship. The underlying theme that persisted was your mutual love for one another as a source of your healing, and how you were able to transform a tragedy into a triumph.”
- David Hallerman Ph.D. & Chair - Psychology New Jersey City University ________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Thank you so much Chris and Amy for sharing your story.  Being a PT major, I’ve taken classes which have talked about TBI’s before.  I have watched presentations, done presentations, and watched movies. Nothing can account for speaking to a real TBI patient.  Really taught me a lot and really hit the Heart!”
-Courtney Crawford, College Student ________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I really enjoyed your presentation and I can honestly relate to it, maybe not to that level, but I can relate in two different experiences.  I am glad to have been able to attend this presentation today.  Continue to do this - I really think it makes a difference.  Thank you Chris and Amy !”
-Dillan Torres, College Student ________________________________________________________________________________________________

“It was very touching and inspiring.  Amy and Chris have a love that will last forever.  They have shown me that patience is the key in a marriage as well as when working with clients who have neurological problems.  It was also informational of course.”
- Chawntavia Ruffiun, College Student________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dave was able to enrich the subject of death, dying and bereavement by elaborating on his own personal grief and how he is handling it. This is a subject that needs a personal touch, and Dave was able to provide it.
- Utica College Student________________________________________________________________________________________________

The fact that Dave is a bereaved parent brings a great deal of first-hand knowledge that we can benefit from. An Informative and Amazing Session! 
–  Anonymous, Prof, NY ________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is not my first presentation with Dave. I always walk away with something new.
– Anonymous , Prof, NY ________________________________________________________________________________________________

I appreciate David's honesty and experience as both a bereaved parent and as a clinician.
– Anonymous ,Prof, NY

Dave’s session was informative and amazing!  I would recommend it to anyone who works with people.
– Anonymous, Prof, NY ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dave is highly effective and strives to reach his audience. He genuinely cares about the subject material and is Someone, I would trust to guide me both professionally and academically. 
- Anonymous ,Academic, NY