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Academic Presentations:

Aspire Place presenters compliment the learning experience you are offering your students by:

  • Openly sharing their first hand, real life perspective on how they navigated through their own significant life changing events such as Living with Brain Injury,  Life Altering Loss,  Coping with Parental Mental Health Challenges, and Living with Illness.
  • Offering proven practical strategies, resources and tools that will inspire and equip your future graduates to enable their clients and patients to successfully move forward in their own recovery journeys. 
  • Broadening your students’ perspective on an academic, practical and spiritual level.
  • Increasing your students’ ability to walk with awareness about recovery.
  • Offering a unique, memorable and impactful perspective to the learning process.

We look forward to speaking with you about how Aspire Place can incorporate our interactive presentations into your academic calendar. Contact us  today to schedule an Aspire Place Academic Presentation for your upcoming semester!