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Living With Brain Injury:

Aspire Place Presentations are ideal for students pursuing careers in:

  Allied Health

  School Counseling

  Holistic  Practitioner


Hospital Social Work 

General Counseling 

              Mental Health Counseling


Marriage and Family Counseling

  • Our Presentations also broaden the perspective of Academic Faculty and Staff
  1. Preparing Patients for Discharge from Brain Injury Rehabilitation:
    This presentation offers students a first-person patient and caregiver perspective about preparing brain injury patients for discharge. Key considerations regarding a therapist’s beliefs about brain injury recovery and how it can impact a patient’s personal view of their potential for continued improvement will be discussed. Proven practical tools and strategies that students will be able to use in helping patients successfully move forward in their recovery, long after therapy has ended, will be provided. The presenters provide rare insight into what is possible in the recovery process years after a patient is discharged from rehab.  This presentation is ideal for allied health and counseling students pursuing a career in neuro-rehabilitation.

  2. Managing Life as a Couple Living with Brain Injury:
    This interactive presentation will focus on common challenges that couples living with brain injury confront.  Adapting to role and behavior changes, resolving communication challenges, and creating realistic expectations between couples will be discussed.  Approaches toward working with family members who might not fully understand the unique challenges of living with brain injury will also be addressed. Presenters share their personal insight with students and bring to light how couples can renew their relationship and re-define their life path after experiencing a significant life altering event.

  3. Inside the Recovery Journey of Brain Injury – a Primer for College Counselors, Faculty, Athletic and Student Support Staff:
    This presentation provides attendees with effective strategies, tools and resources that can be offered students who have sustained a concussion or other types of brain injury. Attendees will broaden their understanding of how to identify behavioral and functional challenges related to brain injury. The presenters’ first-hand experience successfully managing challenges of daily living after brain injury will be invaluable insight for all who attend.