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Panel Presentations:

Aspire Place Presentations are ideal for students pursuing careers in:

  Allied Health

  School Counseling

  Holistic  Practitioner


Hospital Social Work 

General Counseling 

              Mental Health Counseling


Marriage and Family Counseling

  • Our Presentations also broaden the perspective of Academic Faculty and Staff

Client Empowerment for Lifelong Healing:
This interactive panel discussion offers diverse perspectives for empowering clients to utilize all types of therapy. Students will benefit from the presenters professional and first-hand experience. Participants will discover the benefits of utilizing other unique community resources and professional networks to promote healing and transformation of the individuals that they serve.

Recovery Journeys:
Panel members will share their personal challenges and healing path which includes Living with Traumatic Brain Injury, Life Altering Loss, Living with Illness, and Dancing Around Parental Mental Health Challenges. Our presenters’ first-hand experience will offer students insight that will increase their understanding of life defining events, and how to support individuals and family members who are experiencing similar recovery journeys.