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Grief and Life Altering Loss:

Aspire Place Presentations are ideal for students pursuing careers in:

  Allied Health

  School Counseling

  Holistic  Practitioner


Hospital Social Work 

General Counseling 

              Mental Health Counseling


Marriage and Family Counseling

  • Our Presentations also broaden the perspective of Academic Faculty and Staff
  1. Constructing a New Reality After Death :
    This engaging workshop will enable students to work effectively with individuals who are experiencing grief due to death. Students will learn tools and strategies to help individuals thrive in a different, but meaningful world without the physical presence of their loved ones.

  2. Men and Grief:
    This presentation will introduce students to the unique challenges that their male clients face after the death of a loved one.  Men’s unique process of grieving will be explored as well as other areas such as expression of thoughts and feelings, accessing and receiving support, and their language of grief.

  3. Nature, Animals and Grief:
    Students will explore the healing power of nature and animals as it relates to helping their clients navigate their grief following the death of their loved ones.  By workshop’s end, this interactive presentation will enable students to see how their personal “vocabulary of nature” can be the catalyst for helping their client’s transform perspectives on life and death.

  4. Journey of Self-Discovery - Empowerment Through Grief:
    In this interactive presentation students will be able to teach their clients about the importance of empowerment in transforming the tragedy of loss into a meaningful and purposeful life.  Among the topics that students will be introduced to are: walking in awareness, differences in early and later grief, and other tools that can facilitate self-discovery in the midst of the challenges presented by  death and other life altering events.