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Workshops for Professionals Working With Veterans and Their Families

The Aspire Place workshop presentation team provides a variety of workshops to professionals who support the efforts of veterans and their family members motovated to thrive at home and in the community. Our presenters are not only experienced professionals; They have successfully navigated through their own life altering events, such as living with brain injury and navigating through grief and loss. This combination of professional experience and first-hand insight is what makes our Aspire Place Team uniquely qualified to educate professionals who work with veterans and their family members move forward after experiencing significant life changing events.

Are you planning an In-service Day for your Professional Staff?

Please contact us today if your organization, hospital, or agency is interested in Aspire Place workshop presenters delivering our workshop(s) at your next In-service training event.

Aspire Place is here to help you meet your objectives in educating, motivating and inspiring your staff!

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