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YOGA & Meditiation Workshops

Yoga Workshop

Participants will experience a gentle Hatha Yoga style class using common Yoga postures in a combination of gentle flowing movements and also stationary (briefly held) postures. 
Variations and options are offered for all poses, to accommodate different levels of student ability and capacity (Wheelchairs, Prosthetics, other physical, emotional, and mental health challenges). Some benefits of Yoga include: increased flexibility, stress reduction through stretching and also breathing exercises; improved posture & balance; reduction of back pain/stiffness; and core strengthening. 

Class length is approximately 1 hour. It is suggested student's wear comfortable clothing & bring a Yoga mat to this class. 

Meditation Workshop

Meditation is a Centuries old Mindfulness practice of calming the body, mind, and emotions. This is usually accomplished by focused concentration on the breath or a Mantra (word repeated silently or aloud to calm the body/mind). This class will be different, as it explores a variety of forms of Meditation, to include: Positive Visualizations, Journaling Exercises, Breathing Exercises, Silent & Chanted Mantra's, and Inner Exploration of the mind by each student. The only requirements for Meditation are Comfortable clothing and an open mind.

Class length is approx. 75 minutes per class.