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Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

What Do I Believe *
Participants are shown tools which engage new thought processes. They can redefine their perspective for life, by understanding signs in their world from nature and other daily signs. Participants will learn to develop their own way to connect to a personal creative source.

Navigating Life Challenges Using Intuition as Your Guide *
Participants will be exposed to a new approach of using their first thought (”intuition”) to help find clarity and understanding when confronting by challenges in their life.

Nature, Animals and Grief
Explore the healing power of nature and animals as it relates to helping participants navigate their grief following the death of their loved ones.  By workshop’s end, this interactive workshop will enable participants to see how their own personal “vocabulary of nature” can be the catalyst for transforming perspectives on life and death. Time will also be reserved for questions and answers.

Journey of Self-Discovery: Empowerment Through Grief
In this interactive workshop the presenters will share their experience of empowerment in being able to transform the tragedy of loss into a meaningful and purposeful life.  Among the topics to be discussed: how to walk in awareness to develop clarity during our journeys, how the pain of grief looked in the early vs. later phases of our journeys, and other tools that can facilitate self-discovery in the midst of the challenges presented by the death and other life altering events

*Rev. Patty Furino is also available to meet with individuals privately to inspire, empower and overcome challenges. There are many perspectives to every situation life brings to us. It is the wise, evolved human who works to uncover what is holding us back from finding our peace. Once we uncover a misplaced attitude it frees our spirit and replaces anxiety with Peacefulness.