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Dealing With The Impact of Sports Related Concussions
Are you a student athlete who is currently sitting out of your sport due to sustaining a concussion? If so, we truly hope that you are making a quick recovery. Returning to your sport before your concussion has completely healed puts you at greater risk of suffering second impact syndrome, which can be life threatening.
Depending on the severity of your concussion, you may be diagnosed with Post Concussive Syndrome (A collection of concussion symptoms).  These symptoms may occur within the first week or two after a concussion and can last for several weeks, months, or much longer.  Some of the symptoms can include the following: Severe and persistent headaches, physical and cognitive fatigue, sensitivity to noise and light, memory loss, balance and coordination problems, trouble sleeping, attention and concentration challenges, explosive emotional outbursts, impulsive behavior and feelings of being "in a fog".  If you are experiencing any change that is impacting your ability to think, behave, or feel like you normally would prior to your concussion, it is important to let your parent and doctor know.

Once you are cleared to return to school you may find that you are having trouble concentrating and paying attention. You may be sensitive to noise or light, or become very fatigued during the day. You may find that you are more irritable or more emotional than usual. You may have trouble falling asleep at night or sleeping more or less than usual. Your headaches may be getting worse as you attempt to complete required assignments.  If you are experiencing challenges such as these, ASPIRE PLACE coaches can help you.


ASPIRE PLACE Coaches and Consultants are your support you when you need it most. They have the professional experience through their work in the brain injury field. They have the first-hand experience that is beneficial in the process of recovery after concussion and other types of brain injury. Our Coaches and Consultants truly understand what the recovery process is like and how to help you. You will receive insight and your family members will gain better understanding of living with often lingering effects of concussion. Those challenges often accompany individuals both at home and school. We can help you develop strategies and resources to successfully manage your daily living challenges.

Returning to Work After a Concussion 

- Have you returned to work after sustaining a concussion?

- Are you finding it difficult to meet the demands of your job that were never challenging prior to sustaining a concussion?

- Are you having trouble thinking clearly, concentrating or easily distracted at the office?

- Are you sensitive to noise or lighting? Are you feeling overly fatigued during your workday?

These are just a few signs that you may still be suffering from the symptoms of a concussion.

ASPIRE PLACE Coaches and Consultants are available to act as both an advocate for you as well as a resource for your employer and co-worker(s). We will meet with you and your business owner(s), manager, and/or your work group to discuss the unique challenges you are having as a result of your concussion and determine what support is needed to help you and your company achieve common goals and objectives.

Our consultants will recommend proven strategies, accommodations, and approaches that will help you meet those challenges, increase your job performance, and meet the demands of your company’s bottom line. Contact ASPIRE PLACE today to discuss how we can help make your return to work a smooth transition!