Brain Injuries

Living With Brain Injury –
Support for Survivor and Family Member

Have you suffered a Stroke, Head Injury, Aneurysm, Brain Tumor or other brain disease?  Are you experiencing…

Physical Challenges such as severe and often times non-stop headaches, dizziness, balance and coordination challenges, debilitating fatigue, sensitivity to noise, lights or smells, changes in sleep habits and your appetite.

Behavioral and Mood Challenges such as emotional outbursts, crying or laughing too easily, making impulsive decisions, becoming easily frustrated, and a feeling of overwhelming sadness.

Thinking and Communication Challenges such as becoming easily confused or distracted, having difficulty making decisions, getting stuck finding a word or following a conversation, trouble planning and organizing your day, unable to stay focused on a task or filtering out distractions, thinking or reacting slower than before your injury.

Are you having trouble dealing with the symptoms of your brain injury? Although no two brain injuries are exactly alike, the significant impact these injuries can have on a person's life are very similar. Many of these challenges are often times misunderstood and can leave you feeling lost, alone, frustrated and isolated from the world.


ASPIRE PLACE Coaches and Consultants are here to support you during this challenging time in your life. From both their professional experience working in the brain injury field and from their first-hand experience successfully living with brain injury themselves, our Coaches truly understand what this unique recovery journey is like. They understand the fear, challenges, and apprehension that can occur as you transition from the rehabilitation phase of recovery and re-integrate back into life at home, work, and in the community.

Our Coaches recognize that as you continue to make improvement your needs may change. We will help you create practical personal strategies and access proven tools, resources, and aids that address your needs and challenges. Our Coaches understand the importance of finding that emotional balance between pushing your limits and accepting your limitations. They will help you come to terms with the realities of your injury and support you as you begin exploring the dynamic process of re-defining your life purpose. We look forward to celebrating each success you experience along your journey of rediscovery and we’ll be there every step of the way as you move forward!

ASPIRE PLACE Coaches realize that brain injury not only disrupts the life of the survivor, but also short circuits the lives of family members and caregivers.

ASPIRE PLACE Coaches, who have been caregivers themselves, understand what this experience is like and are here to support you as you undertake what may appear at times to be an overwhelming task. ASPIRE PLACE Coaches support family members and caregivers as they begin to address their own uncertainties and concerns about their loved ones recovery process.


Our Coaches help family members come to terms with the many variables that this potentially life changing event can create and provide a sense of hopefulness for the future. Our coaches offer family members and caregivers the tools, strategies, and resources they need to help assist themselves and their loved one throughout the recovery journey. Essential ingredients to successful caregiving are accepting help when it is offered, and to ask for support when it is needed. ASPIRE PLACE is here to provide you with that support.