Upcoming Events

2016 Conference Presentations

  • Mysteries of Brain Injury: Exploring the Transition from Treatment to Living with Brain Injury Professional Conference, Phoenix, AZ, December
    Keynote Session:“Learning to Live Again” Theatrical Presentation
    Youth Transition: A Family Affair

  • Brain Injury Basics Pre-conference for Professionals, Phoenix, AZ, November
    Connecting, Disconnecting, Reconnecting , and Re-routing

  • Pinal County COJET 2-Day Conference, Florence, AZ, June
    Connecting, Disconnecting, Reconnecting Neurons: Brain Injury Basics

  • Mesa U-Nites Quarterly Event: Supporting Youth and Families After Brain Injury, Mesa AZ, February
    Mindfulness and Stress Management For Youth With Brain Injury

  • Rays of Hope (Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor and Family Conference), Phoenix, AZ, May
    “Let’s Talk About It… Communication Tools For Survivors and Family Members”
    “Living as a Couple with Brain Injury”
    “Breath…Visualize…Relax” - A mindfulness approach in managing the stress of living with brain injury