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Are you seeking specialized In-service Workshops or Education and Training programs that increase your staff member’s competence in working with those who are dealing with significant life changing events?
ASPIRE PLACE specializes in Education and Training that focuses on life adjustment challenges such as “Living with Brain Injury,” “Navigating Through Grief and Loss,” and Spiritual Growth and Personal Development.”
ASPIRE PLACE provides relatable Education and Training Programs to Counselors and Staff members at Community Agencies, Rehabilitation Hospital Treatment Teams, and to students, for faculty and staff at Academic Institutions.
ASPIRE PLACE Trainers and Presenters are not only subject matter experts in their chosen profession; they possess profound personal insight gained from navigating through their own significant life changing event.
This unique combination enables them to provide meaningful, educational, thought provoking programs that will truly enhance attendees understanding of working with individuals and families who have experienced significant life changing events. 
ASPIRE PLACE customizes each of our programs based on your expressed educational and training objectives.

Please contact us today to discuss how ASPIRE PLACE can help you meet your organization’s training and education needs!