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Rev. Patty Furino
Minister - Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Patty Furino chooses to walk a sacred path using the wisdom that she gained from a variety of spiritual practices and philosophies.  The goal of her ministry work is to empower others to discover and develop their own unique life paths.  She tries to inspire a peaceful perspective for people during their challenging times.

When she was ordained a Minister, she made a vow to walk the path with honor and integrity choosing to follow the motto of St. Francis, "Make me an Instrument of Peace."  She made a commitment to use her connection to the Great Beyond only in ways that brought honor to the gift.

From as far back as she can remember she has always had conversations with her "wise friends on the other side."  She grew up in a home filled with people, but speaks of how she always felt alone.  There were times when drama and chaos seemed to fill her world.  It was the private relationship she had with her Spirit Guides that helped her stay positive and optimistic, embracing the highest level of thinking.

Her story is unique and has been filled with many challenges along the way.  During her early teens she developed major ear problems that resulted in surgery during December of 1977.  During her hospital stay she had an experience that changed her perspective of life and death.  She never shared the details of her out of body experience until she met her husband.  He was the first person with whom she felt safe enough to share  her truth.  It was his acceptance and unconditional love that gave her the security to find peace with her gifts.

Patty has always been determined to find the balance between her connection to Spirit, and how to journey in our 'zip code'.  She attended the New Seminary in New York City and was ordained an Interfaith Minister, June 1998, at St. John the Divine Cathedral.  She was inspired by the founder, Rabbi Joseph Gelberman and his philosophy to learn other faiths "never instead of, always in addition to."

After her ordination she would meditate and pray daily to increase her awareness and personal connection with the other side.  She continued her studies of other spiritual practices trusting that she would be guided to use the knowledge for the good of mankind.  She feels that Aspire Place is were she is to share her gifts with others.  A few of the concepts she has studied over the years include; Near Death Experiences; Energy Exchange; Native American Spirituality; Animals Medicine; Reiki; and the Quantum Mechanics of Healing.  She has also trained and volunteered with the American Red Cross.  Viewing her Curriculum Vitae will introduce you to her vast array of certifications and experiences.

Patty has the gift to see people where they stand on the crossroad in their life.  It has been said she is like a chameleon, changing her appearance and demeanor with each situation.  Spending time with her, most people feel they have found a lifelong friend.  She has found great satisfaction inspiring others during their challenging times. She believes she is brought into people's lives through Divine Intervention and views her life as a Sacred Journey.

What people are saying:

If anyone is looking to take their spiritually to the next level, Patty will definitely guide you through. She gave me the tools needed for my journey but always allowed me to make my own choices and was there just as a gentle nudge to look at something differently but never told me to go right or left. Patty has extensive experience in all areas and will be able to guide you through your journey every step of the way as needed.

Love and Light Always
Katherine L.
Long Island, New York

When I first met Pat I was walking in a park struggling with my addiction to alchohol and keeping it a secret. I felt empty inside, no peace, scattered, alone, afraid, and not in control. The second time I met Pat, I found out she was a minister and also possessed a special gift of insight and non-judgmental. I finally told her I’m an Alcoholic, and in recovery, and in early sobriety. Coupled with my fellowship, Patty has walked beside me as a Spiritual director, a best friend, a surrogate wife, building my faith, as well as, a relationship with higher power and myself. Patty has walked beside me through many chapters in my life as I have rediscovered my purpose, and to be the man God created me to be, a man of honor, respect and decency.

In short Patty has been a guide, inspiration, and she’s authentic. She is an enlightened being with many Spiritual tools. She is an Angel in disguise.

Joe F.
Long Island, NY