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Managing Life as a Couple Living with Brain Injury:
This interactive workshop will focus on the challenges couples face living with traumatic brain injury.  Adapting to role and behavior changes, resolving communication challenges, and creating realistic expectations between the couple will be discussed.  Approaches toward dealing with family members who might not fully understand the unique challenges of living with brain injury will also be addressed. Chris and Amy will share their personal insight on how they renewed their relationship and re-defined their life path as a couple. Please note that the ideal companion to this workshop is “Let’s Talk About it” (See workshop description below).

Rehab Is Over… Now What!:
During this session Chris, a traumatic brain injury survivor since 1999, and his wife Amy will share some of the creative exercises and tasks they created that helped him make significant improvement over many years after Rehab was over. Participants will also have the opportunity to share strategies that have helped in their own TBI recovery journey.

Let’s Talk About It:
This experiential workshop exposes participants to basic communication techniques designed to reduce interpersonal conflict when confronted with common concerns and challenges associated with living with traumatic brain injury. Participants will practice specific communication skills with their significant other that increase understanding, improve interpersonal relationships, and help them “get on the same page” on how to best support each other during this recovery journey.

Breathe… Visualize…Relax: 
This Mindfulness session is ideal for survivors and family members who are looking for a natural way to better manage the understandable high level of stress that is common when dealing with the daily living challenges of traumatic brain injury.  Participants will learn about the relationship between mindfulness and stress management. Presenter will guide attendees through three different relaxation techniques that aid in reducing stress and increasing overall health and well-being.