About Aspire Place Service Fees

Aspire Place offers a variety of specialized services that range from life adjustment coaching, training and education seminars, to keynote speaking and presentation services at statewide and national conferences. Given our wide range of services we encourage you to contact Aspire Place so that we can discuss your service request and provide you with a thoughtful service fee quote that meets your needs. Whether you are an individual seeking life adjustment coaching and consultation services, an agency or school seeking training and education, or an organization in need of Keynote speaking or presentation services at your upcoming conference, we look forward to discussing your needs and providing you with a thoughtful service fee quote that meets your goals and budget!

** Complimentary Initial Life Adjustment Coaching Orientation Session
[ Service offered by Telephone or Web-based Video Conferencing]

During this session you will become familiar with the ASPIRE PLACE Personal Life Adjustment Coaching experience. You will have the opportunity to tell us what your needs and personal goals are, and what has motivated you to contact us for coaching or consultation support.

This brief complimentary session will last approximately 20 minutes and is completed by telephone or web-based video service. During this session you and your ASPIRE PLACE Representative will determine which pre-paid coaching or consultation package will best meet your needs and budget. You will be able to register for coaching or consultation services at this time. Within the next two business days after registering for our services you will be contacted by your ASPIRE PLACE Personal Life Adjustment Coach to schedule your Comprehensive Collaboration Session!


Comprehensive Collaboration Session
[ 90 min– 2 hour in length ]
This service is offered In-person, by Telephone or Web-based Video Conference

This Comprehensive Collaboration Session is designed to help you roll up your sleeves and begin sharing your personal goals, aspirations and desires. This is the time for your Personal Life Adjustment Coach to learn about your past accomplishments and the challenges you are currently facing. This session is intended to help you and your coach collaborate and develop a plan of action to help move you forward! You will also decide how you would like to receive our services: *In-person, ǂǂtelephone and/or by ǂweb based video coaching!

This session is only required for NEW ASPIRE PLACE Clients and will be billed at a flat rate.

Training and Education / Conference Keynote Speaker Services
Aspire Place offers many specialized training and education programs and keynote speaker and presentation services for agencies, schools and organizations. Please contact us today so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a thoughtful service fee quote that meets your goals and budget!

ASPIRE PLACE Agency, Organization and School Services
[ Contact us today to discuss your service request and receive a thoughtful competitive quote ! ]

Keynote, Motivational Speaking and Conference Presentation Services

• Discussion and Support Group Facilitation
• On-Site “Live” Training Workshops, In-Service Programs and Presentations
• Web-based In-Service Programs, Training Workshops and Presentations

** Complimentary Initial Orientation Phone/web-based Session: Our “Complimentary Initial Orientation Phone/webbased Session” will be approximately 20 minutes in length and will provide the opportunity to briefly discuss your coaching or Consultation needs and answer any questions you may have. You will be able to register for Personal Life Adjustment or Life Transition Coaching / Consultation with ASPIRE PLACE during you r orientation session.

ǂ Web-based Coaching and Consultation Sessions: These sessions are via SKYPE or related services are coming soon! Please re-visit in the weeks ahead or contact ASPIRE PLACE for updates on this service.

* In-Person Coaching and Consultation Sessions: Please contact ASPIRE PLACE to inquire if “In -Person” Coaching and Consultation services are available in your area. If you live beyond a 20 mile radius where “In -Person” Personal Life Adjustment Coaching and Consultation Services can be arranged, additional fees may apply to cover travel expenses. Please contact ASPIRE PLACE for additional information. You can also view our Policies and Procedures that can be found on this website.

ǂǂ Telephone Coaching /Consultation Sessions: Telephone Coaching and Consultation is typically available to those living in the United States. Please contact ASPIRE PLACE if you live outside the U.S. and are interested Telephone based Coaching or Consultation services.